Ceramic art is the place where functionality, beauty and pleasure converge…


Let’s enrich our lives! Let go of perfection and trust your instincts, express yourself and experiment with the sensitive nature of ceramics.

It’s part of who we are. We are part of a whole: nature, the process of maturing, the transformation, it’s an amazing universe that’s worth exploring. Lean your ear upon the earth and listen!


Ceramic art can tell a story without words, it’s an integral part of mother Earth, a lifeline between man and nature, a world we’re often disconnected from, heavily relying on its virtual representation in our everyday lives. This is what a piece of pottery is all about: the link between man and nature. I hope we can all take the time to enjoy it, feel it in our bones and redefine its heritage.  


After living in different countries around the world, I have devoted myself to ceramics, body and soul. My name is Sofia and this is my story.

My journey lead me to explore various realms, from interior architecture to sustainable building techniques, before I eventually found my way to ceramic art. I now take great pride in doing what I’m most passionate about, transforming earth, water and fire intro something new.

It’s an art born out of uncertainty, from the brief moment of chaos that comes with every beginning. It’s about trusting  your hands to lead the way, to create what makes you stronger, lighter and happier. It’s a path to maturity – demanding yet beautiful and often very powerful.

Menero Slow Fired Ceramics is about walking new paths and venturing into the unknown…


Come and discover our Rafina showroom, an incredible location surrounded by nature and the brilliant blue sea that inspires us and accompanies our daily lives.  

Visit our new showroom and sign up for one of our workshops, classes or lectures. There’s something for everyone. Share your ideas and work with us, or simply drop by for tea or coffee.