Me Nero is a whole lot more than I’ve ever expected. It’s not just a shop, a workshop or an exhibition room. Me Nero is a room with body and soul. Me Nero is slow fired craftmanship.

Ruseta Sá - Creative designer

Ruseta Sá

Watercolor artist

I was born and grow up surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes between the Pyrenees of Huesca and Lérida. I come from nature, it is a part of me and how I give value and sense to the world. Nature, the Earth are my place and are the origin of every idea, design, book, illustration or watercolor I create, they are an intrinsic part of my work and the way I face each purpose and how I understand creativity.

All my experience has taught me that the most important thing is to integrate the person. To understand him or her. To reconcile and concretize the ideas in what they need, a space of communication, of comfort with harmony, sensitivity, sincerity and simplicity.

What we do as human beings has great value. That is why I love working with artisans, they are the protagonists of their work, their attitude towards what they create acquires an incalculable value. When we do things by ourselves, when we create a piece of craftsmanship, the way we experience it afterward is different, since we are the ones who have created it in each part of the process.

Creativity is born in a very organic way, it is the expression of the simplicity that comes from the truth, the truth of each person. Because in the end, creativity speaks of people and the role they play in the world.

Design is the result of a need, it is the synthesis of conciliating and concretizing ideas into what we need, it is that space of communication, of comfort, with harmony, sensitivity, sincerity, and simplicity.



Weaver artist

Weaving, my way of story telling. 

Boustrophedon journey with threads, my project. 

With weft over warp I create sceneries. 

Inspired by Homeric Penelope ‘s escape loom.

Love the conversation between colours, fabrics, textures, shapes…… 

Every woven piece a trace of my hands, my eyes, my soul. 

A traveller’ s map. 



Marietta Pavlaki


I was born and raised in Athens, Greece.

I found myself – after a long journey of exploration- in theatre, being a lighting designer for both theatre and dance performances.

I studied Marketing and Communication and later on Theatre Directing.

Nevertheless, I was always trying different professions, as I was interested in exploring all different aspects of life.

I have been involved in photography since 2007, while studying in the Athens University of Economics and Business. Time went on, and being already prepared and full of different experiences I also started working professionally with photography.

Everything needs its time.