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A much-loved project I worked on when I was first starting out. I kept it hidden away for many years for no specific reason. When the time came, I wanted to be able to show it in all its glory in order to fully communicate the pure joy I felt when I made it.

The work began and ended in Tinos. We shot it in springtime when the island was at its best. Even the photographer, Teresa, was local.

It was an unconscious beginning, perhaps even a little haphazard, that later became much more intentional. A random experimentation with ovals that slowly transformed into something a lot more personal. An exploration of volume; fullness and vacuum; interior and exterior; the curves and the cavities hidden within – a quality I have always been especially drawn to. These organic shapes reminded me of bird nests and their glorious mating rituals, how they approach and win over the females. It was similar to how I felt during the burnishing process. How far should I go? What will feel more pleasing to the eye? Where should I stop?

Nests Me Nero Keramiki
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