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Water, earth & fire

My name is Sophia

The magic of ceramic art is born out of uncertainty and this brief moment of chaos that comes with every beginning. It stems from the combination of elements and their transformation into something new, from a thrust to explore and experiment new things.

The fundamentals in life lies on the inspiration intrigued out of every emotion, when we don’t really know for sure but we rely on our hands to lead the way. Because our hands have the innate ability to create what we feel. At times this creation makes us stronger, happier, more settled down and more content, fulfilled or even outraged and disappointed. It’s the path to maturity – demanding yet beautiful and often very powerful!

My journey with clay began by accident, far away from my homeland and is continued until the day, keeping me captured. It captured me instantly and indefinitely. Back then, I walked into completely new paths both physically and emotionally. Instinctively I choose to do ceramics, out of many other workshops offered at the Municipal Piriapolis Cultural Center of Uruguay, South America. I guess we have always co-existed to the core from the very beginning.

Trudging down new paths, making new bets and venturing into the unknown, taking risks, achieving or failing; yet never letting go, has been my passion and a source of great joy in my life to the present day.


Let yourself go!

Walk new paths, make new bets and venture into the unknown. Having lived in different countries around the world, I take pride in doing what I’m most passionate about. It has become a source of great joy in life. I’m devoted to ceramic art, body and soul.

My name is Sofia and this is my story. 


Let's enrich our lives!

Let go of perfection and trust our instincts, express ourselves and experiment with the sensitive nature of ceramics.

It’s part of who we are. We are part of a whole: nature, the process of maturing, the transformation, it’s an amazing universe that’s worth exploring. Lean your ear upon the earth and listen!

Ceramics made of our own two hands, from ourselves. Where functionality, beauty and pleasure converge.


Ceramic art can tell a story without words

It’s an integral part of mother EARTH, a lifeline between man and nature, a world we’re often disconnected from, heavily relying on its virtual representation in our everyday lives. This is what a piece of pottery is all about: the link between man and nature.

I hope we can all take the time to enjoy it, feel it in our bones and redefine its heritage. 

This is my story

I was born in April 1978 in Athens. I studied interior architecture and graphic design at the “Vakalo” school. Feeling the need for additional research and development in this field, I attended postgraduate studies in interior design at the “Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC)”. Hours of lab work and conciliation with fellow students and teachers, encouragement for experimentation and research, have been a great source of inspiration. I was launched! My faith in the power of the team was strengthened, I was assured of my love for laboratory work.

In 2011 I was in Uruguay, South America, and in my quest to integrate into that society, I took ceramics classes, much to my surprise, at the laboratory-rich cultural center of Piriapoli, where I lived. I was magnetized by this material and I felt freedom, confidence, that with a lot of work I can do it. My first teacher was a conservative hard man with a basic knowledge of ceramics and our laboratory provided the absolutely necessary and even sparingly. We worked almost exclusively with our hands as tools. The clay gave me the opportunity to implement three-dimensional objects and to be sure of the result after seeing it in front of me. In addition, its plasticity suited me. It had a softness that made me feel good. Its slow “maturation” allowed me to process my constructions, to transform them and to perfect them as much as I could, without stress but with anxiety. I had something in my hands that was “holding”. It is the very simple soil that, together with the vital water, acquires a body and with the additional help of fire accessible to all of us, acquires strength and future, longevity, usefulness and substance. I realized that I was able to concentrate on this job for a long time, which was unthinkable for me. Only in pottery and gardening can I focus with such passion. I had found my item! Something that definitely existed in me and pleased me immensely. So far I have never given up. He has helped me a lot, even in my evolution as a person. In accessing and resolving many difficulties and fears. It is my biggest challenge! It fascinates me immensely!

I am not yet able to speak clearly about my work, it is in a primitive stage of testing and experimentation. I am particularly touched by the curves, the forms that sit on your palm and you feel them touching the whole. I am moved by the emptiness created inside them, the feeling of embrace, the closed surfaces with their secrets closed in there. Surfaces on which you can travel by gliding softly, while sharp cuts with embossed edges cut the calm for a while and then continue. I am interested in the disturbances, the raw prints and cuts by hand or other objects on the skin of the clay that shape my forms. I use everything, all the excess clay retalia, and I like that. You do not want much, you do not throw, you use.

My first works are mainly useful objects that come from simple forms, shapes and images that surround us, from the traditional and ancient Greek ceramics that are again characterized more or less similar characteristics with gestural interventions.

Since February 2019, I maintain my own workshop-exhibition in Rafina, where with great pleasure my works and those of my colleagues are exhibited. It was a life dream to live in a workshop and it gives me great joy and satisfaction. I hope it is constantly enriched and fascinates its visitors, as well as us.

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